5 Reasons Blue Mountain State is the Best Show Ever

5.) Sammy is the greatest sidekick.

Just as Thad is, Sammy is just another awesome character on the show. He’s a beloved loser and the mascot of the team. He’s the team’s quarterback Alex Moran’s best friend and is constantly in the shadow of his best pal. However, Sammy is actually a loyal friend to a fault and is usually just glad to be able to come along for the ride. He also has no shame at all, which puts him in place for the perfect comedic relief. He’s really just a lot like a younger version of Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny.

4.) The Opening Credits

Amazing shows usually have amazing opening credit sequences, like the opening credits of “True Detective” and “Mad Men” for instance. From the very start, you know exactly what you’re about to get yourself into. There are no surprises at all, here. The credits instantly let you know that there’s going to be a crap load of beer, balls and boobs in this program. If you’re turned off by the credits, you’re probably not going to be the biggest fan of the show. But if the credits are totally awesome in your eyes,  then there’s no way you won’t be totally into the show.

3.) Sex, Drugs, Football

So honestly, there is nothing on this show that cannot be liked. This show basically tells you to reflect on your college years without all that awful damage to your liver. Yes, your college career was probably never this insane, however there are definitely a few parallels. The show never really takes itself too seriously, and it tries to make every situation an enjoyable one. It’s a real shame it was canceled, but, luckily for its audience, they’re making a film that they funded on Kickstarter! So, get ready to go back to BMS real soon. Yes we’re stoked too.

2.) Replacing Characters

During the first season of the show,  a character named Craig Shiloh was introduced. He was a freshman running back on the school’s team. However, then the second season began, and Shiloh was nowhere at all to be seen, and there was absolutely no explanation for this. Television shows are generally known for containing some big plot twists, but this one definitely took the cake. The actor who played Shiloh, Sam Jones III, was actually arrested during the off-season on drug charges. But the show moved on and brought in a new, more unique character named Radon Randell.

1.) Thad Castle is A Sexy and Amazing Character

There are a lot of great characters on Blue Mountain State, however Thad is the total standout. He’s played by Alan Ritchson who just had is popular for the current “TMNT” movies Thad is the perfect conflict of a man who is part scary linebacker and part whiny teenage girl. He definitely is a crucial character, and he brings the show up from just an average football sitcom  to a misunderstood cult masterpiece. Thad Castle is everyone’s dream protagonist.

To get an idea of the show, watch the video of their funniest moments in season 1!