Best Colleges to Go to For College

3.) University Of Louisville

In between the football team and the men’s basketball team, Louisville Cardinals have a ton of bragging rights. Once you add in their large co-ed cheerleading team squad which is made up of about forty something people, and which that has won 15 NCA Cheerleading Nationals titles. The all-girl squad has won nine and the small co-ed team has won seven. The Cardinal cheerleaders are actually a triple threat. They have been proven to be something not to mess with in the past five seasons.

2.) University of Alabama

These roll tide cheerleaders are split up into an all-girl squad and their own co-ed squad, but both of these cheer for the football team on all of the game days. Both teams compete at UCA nationals, and last year they placed fourth and second respectively. These Southern belles recently brought home two more national championships in Florida in one year proving they are limitless. They not only have great head coaches, but they also have amazing strength and conditioning coaches that keep them in shape throughout the school year. This year they are lucky to have Alabama’s sport psychologist come in and talk with them about our psychological state for competition. Without all of these things put together they couldn’t be as successful as they are today.

1.) University of Kentucky

The Wildcats are basically much more than just a bunch of kids singing and dancing gleefully through the halls of school. The ‘Cats crushed this year’s national Universal Cheerleading Association competition, making this their 20th title. It’s a nice attachment to their streak of consecutive wins between 1995 and 2002. The co-ed team is led by Coach Jomo Thompson and it continues to reflect off the wild success of their football and basketball teams. Okay, fine, maybe it is something to sing about gleefully through the halls of the school

The squad generates vocal support and significant enthusiasm for some of the finest athletic programs in the nation. The Wildcat basketball team is the winningest college basketball program in the nation and has won the NCAA national championship eight times. The Wildcats get a good amount of media exposure. Having completed in the top 10 every year since the birth of the UCA National College Championships, each year the Wildcats squad can be seen on the ESPN broadcasted Championships Program, which airs at least eight times throughout the country. Aside from this, the Wildcats can be seen on television as every University of Kentucky basketball game is broadcasted nationally. The squad is usually the subject of highlight stories by television, radio stations, and newspapers. The Wildcats have been guests on the “CBS Evening News,” Connie Chung’s “Eye to Eye,” the “CBS Morning Show”, in “Southern Living” and “Gentlemen’s Quarterly,” “ESPN the Magazine,” and “Seventeen” magazine.

These cheerleaders annually attend University Athletics Association and Alumni Association ceremonies. They also rep the University at many charitable and public relations’ galas. The Wildcats have certainly proven to be the most sensational cheer squad of all colleges nationwide.

Check out the video below to see University of Kentucky’s 1st place performance!