5 Things To Know About Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat

If Snapchat is your social media platform of choice, Kylie Jenner’s crazy adventures are a sure fire way to keep yourself entertained when there’s nothing else going on. There’s a reason Kylie Jenner has one of the most viewed accounts on the planet – she documents pretty much everything about her life and uses a surprisingly little amount of filters. She doesn’t spent hours perfecting every little detail of her photos and instead broadcasts them the moment she’s taken them.

Whether you love her or loathe her, Kylie Jenner’s playful innocence is one of the reasons she’s become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. She’s used her relationship within the Kardashian clan to propel herself to heights of which the internet has rarely seen.

Here are five things which you’re sure to come across if you spend more than five minutes on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat:

Her family

One reason people find Kylie Jenner’s life so appealing is her devotion to her family. There’s no denying she has a well-connected empire, but at her core, there’s a real and honest love for everyone involved in her life. Her snaps regularly include updates on the lives of the whole Kardashian clan, including the beautiful North – the daughter of sister Kim Kardashian and rap god Kanye West.

Glamorous outfits

Kylie has established herself as something of a fashion icon in the world of social media. From elegant evening dresses to casual-but-classy sportswear, it seems there isn’t a single outfit which Kylie Jenner can’t make sparkle. In addition, her Snapchat stories regularly include a breakdown of every time of clothing she’s wearing at the time, going right down to the fine details. Too much information? In the Kardashian world, there’s no such thing.

Her ever-changing hair

It seems that Kylie Jenner’s hair has a fanbase all of its own. The reality star regularly boasts bright, colorful locks of varying size, shape and luminosity, prompting fans to debate exactly what Kylie’s natural hair might look like.

In early 2017, Kylie posed a snap of her with short, choppy, chin-length hair which many of her devoted followers believed to be what her locks look like without dye or extensions. Regardless, if you follow her Snapchat, you’ll be treated to endless un-filtered pictures of her varying looks.

Her pets

Something else which makes Kylie Jenner such a lovable figure of innocence is her devotion to her four-legged companions. Kylie is quite the dog lover and regularly posts pictures of her adorable pooches, often dressed in ridiculous outfits or being cuddled to the point of suffocation. Kylie has a penchant for tiny, pint-sized dogs and treats them with the affection a famous reality star dog needs.

Lip syncing

Barely a day goes by on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat without the addition of some kind of lip sync battle between Kylie and one of her friends. It’s such a simple idea, and one which Kylie’s devoted followers clearly adore. There’s no denying that an impromptu battle between Ky and one of her celebrity companions is quite an enjoyable sight to behold.

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