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We took all our cheerleading squads Freshmen - Seniors and had a big car wash. We sold car wash tickets in advance for $5.00 each so we had our money in advance. Then, all the people that bought tickets could come have their car washed on a certain day and just show us the ticket we sold them. We had cheerleaders doing cheers and building holding signs promoting our car wash, bringing in people who hadn't bought car wash tickets. We went for 5 hours, and probably washed 600 cars! We made A LOT of money and split it through the squads depending on how many members from their squad showed up. It worked really well! We even got to wash a Semi truck!
     ~  Krystal

My squad has a window wash. We go to area gas stations and while people are filling up on gas, we wash their windows. It's quick and easy. Most people are in a hurry so a window wash is great. We ask for donations. All you need is some Windex and a few rolls of paper towels. Good luck.
     ~  Tiffany

Car washes are the best. We charge $5 for car and $7 for big cars. We have the car wash on Sundays at our high school and usually make an average of $400. It just depends on if the weather is nice.

A big fundraiser for our squads and football team this year was a carwash at Wal-Mart. We got everyone involved--even the coaches and parents. We charged $5 per car and had an assembly line going so it went fast. Wal-Mart matches however much you make up to $2000. People who don't want their car washed even donate. The cheerleaders stand out there and do sideline cheers for the customers while everyone else washes the cars. Our teams made $1800 this year.
     ~  Eileen Derengowski


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