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This might sound strange, but our squad had a pudding sling. People paid money to throw a handful of chocolate pudding at us. It might sound weird, but it was actually kind of fun for us and the kids who threw the pudding at us had a great time too. It was all in good fun!!!!
      ~  Cheerbaby13

On the Sunday after major events in the summer (ex. 4th of July and Labor Day) we do can & bottle drives. We drive all around the entire town and ask people if they have cans & bottles that they'd like to donate to us. We advertise this before hand. See if you can get the local stores to let you bring in as many cans as you'd like (since there is usually a limit). In our tiny town, we never make less than $300!
      ~  Ashley

A fast and easy way the Calvin Christian High School Cheerleaders made money was to cut stars out of construction paper using our school colors (green, gold, and white) and sell them for $1.00 each. The person who donates their dollar writes their name on the star and the star is placed on a huge paper in the gym during basketball season. The paper reads "Calvin Christian Super Stars." This way the cheerleaders get enough money for uniforms and the fans get honored for their donation by having their name displayed on the gym wall for all to see! Go Squires!
      ~  Summer

You can buy transfer papers and print out your teams logo or name (ex. "The Masons") on the transfer paper and then iron it onto white T-shirts. They can be bought at discount stores. Sell them at your school or before games.
      ~  Kaylyn

My squad and I had to get a lot of money and fast. We had to make these little mascots-shooting stars out of colored paper. We decorated them with glitter and little stars and made them look very good. We sold them for $1.00 each and sold 387 of them! Another thing we do is we make rain sticks. We take a soda bottle that's empty and we pour in some bird seeds or dry bean, beads etc. We wrap colored paper around it, tape it and we put circles of tin foil around the top. Then we decorate them with glitter, stars, our mascot etc. We sell those for $2.00 each and we sold 548 last time- $1,096.00! We do yard sales and mini camps too. Good luck!
      ~  Andrea

We have a really fun idea for you to try. We call it Balloon Tag. Blow up regular balloons with helium and tie strings to them. One person pays $1.00 to "tag" someone-- that someone has to wear the balloon. If the "tagged" person pays $1.00 he doesn't have to wear the balloon. The "tagged" person can also pay $2.00-- $1.00 to not wear the balloon and $1.00 to "tag" somebody else. We'll have people walking around with 25 or more balloons tied to their belt!!! If the teachers get involved, it's even more fun!!
      ~  Kimberely

For a quick and easy fundraiser, try making spirit signs and selling them for 25-75 cents at the door of home games. It works great and it doesn't cost a lot of money.
      ~  Angie

We got a large white roll of paper and laid it on the pep stand at lunch. We blocked off that area. We had purple, gold, and black (our school colors) markers set up around it. For 50 cents we let students in to sign or write on it. Later that day we hung it on the gate in front of the football field where the cheerleaders cheer during the game. We made over 200 dollars that one day alone it was a great success!
      ~  Laurie

At my school this coming year, we (the Wildcats) are planning to have a "Wall of Quarters". Where you draw a huge picture on a wall (pieces of poster board taped together) and have people tape a quarter to it. They can sign their name outside the picture to show they supported us. When the picture is full of quarters take a picture and send it to the yearbook committee. 4 quarters=$1. with a huge picture, it adds up quick! (a picture of your mascot works well):)
      ~  Lindsay


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