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Dribble, Pass, Shoot
You've Gotta Dribble, (pause) Pass, (pause) Shoot To Score
You've Gotta Pivot, 2, 3, 4

Hoop It Up
Hoop It Up, (pause) Make That Score
Victory (pause) Once More!

Hoop It Up, Hoop It Up
Hoop It Up, (pause) Hoop It Up
In The Hoop for 2

Move It
Move It, Move It
Down The Court, Go Devils

Put It Through
Put It Through, (pause) Put It Through
In The Hoop for 2

Swish, Put It In
Swish, x Put It In
We (pause) Want A Win!

Take It x Aleoop x
Take It To The Hoop
x x

We Want A Basket
We (pause) We Want (pause) A Basket, Cougars x
variation: We (pause) We Want (pause) The Tip Off, Cougars x

Work It In For 2
Work It In For 2, Bears,
Work (x) It In (x) For 2 (x)

Home Game Chant
This Is Our Home
This Is Our Game
If We Wanna Beat The (opponent)
We Will Have To Take Aim
(repeat 2 x)
Shoot, Score, Win
Shoot, Score, Win
Not You (opponent)
Cuz The (home  team) Are In!

submitted by LanaBanana

Sideline Flip
Ready... OK
Dribble It, Pass It, Shoot It

submitted by Nola

Put It In
Put It In the Hoop
Put It In the Hoop
Put It In the H-O-O-P
Let Us Score Two!

submitted by Nola


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