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Home SKILLS Stunts Beginner Stunts: STRADDLE/SPLIT LIFT
Beginner Stunts: STRADDLE/SPLIT LIFT PDF Print E-mail


Straddle/Spilts Stunt


How to:

1. Back spot holds flyer's waist, front spot holds her hands.

2. There is a base on each side of the flyer. One of the bases, squatting, holds the flyers leg at thigh and mid-calf.

3. On one, two, down, up the flyer bends down, jumps and lifts her leg for the other base to catch. The bases lift to full extension and the back spot holds at the flyer's bottom. The flyer should be in the straddle spilts with her arms in a high V.

To Dismount: in the extension bring her legs together (pike) and the front spot. The bases drop the legs and everyone catches like a normal cradle.


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