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Home SKILLS Stunts Beginner Stunts: SWEDISH FALLS
Beginner Stunts: SWEDISH FALLS PDF Print E-mail


Swedish Falls Stunt


How to:

1. Center bases face each other, legs shoulder width apart, arms straight and hands on each other's shoulders.

2. A flyer stands behind each base, facing the bases' backs. Flyers place hands on bases' shoulders.

3. Each flyer has a second base. These bases squat in between the other base and the flyer. They hold the flyers' waists.

4. A third base holds the flyers upstage leg--one hand on her thigh and the other on her ankle.

5. On 1, 2, down, up, the flyer bends her knees and jumps. The second and third bases lift the flyer up, fully extending their arms. The flyer's arms are also fully extended. The center bases have the flyers' weight on their shoulders. They support each other to maintain balance.

6. Both flyers lift their downstage leg (the base is only holding the upstage leg).

To Dismount: The second and third bases lower the flyer.

Note: This can also be executed with only one base lifting (as shown), rather than two.


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