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Coming up with a new skit for every game and rally can be difficult. Remember that using props can really enhance a skit. It could be as simple as wearing a football jersey for the Homecoming rally. Also, music is important. Most radio stations will put together a mix of music for a reasonable price. Ask them to include some fun sound bytes!

For my 8th grade tryout I did a cute little skit. I came out to the "Dating Game" theme song and kind of danced around, making it fun. I had one of my friends dress as a rival mascot. The coach sat across from us. An anouncer asked us questions like, "If your team was in the dumps how would you pump them up?" The other mascot took out a dumb-bell and acted like she was pumping weights. I got up and pushed her aside and did a little 10-15 second dance. After a few more questions, the announcer asked for the coaches decision and he said he wanted the Panther(me). The dating game theme song came back on and we walked off together.
     ~ Panther Pete of ACS

Music: The theme song from Indiana Jones.
Props: Whip (use a belt or real whip), brown hat, biege shirt, big beach ball, something valuable like cellphone, trophy or spirit can.
Chronology of events: Reinact the scene where Jones is in the cave looking for the valuable item that is placed on a stand. He has to make a switch for the valuable with something else to be place on the stand. If not then the big huge rock comes rolling down (use a cheerleader to roll the beach ball at you). Start running with the valuable item. Make sure when you make the switch that you exaggerate it being nerve wrecking. Rent the movie to get the idea.
      ~ UTSA Rowdy the Roadrunner

For my tryouts I did the Kung Fu Fighting music and it turned out really cute. I borrowed a karate uniform from one of my friends, bought a big set of plastic fake ninja knives from Wal-Mart and got a styrofoam board. During the song I "broke" the "board," threw some knives, kicked and punched some imaginary guys and danced. Of course you have to add your own touches and cute little things but it turned out that the judges really liked it. Just a tip for all those who are trying out for to be a mascot: be creative and do well in your interview. Good Luck To All!
     ~ Amber, The Buna Cougar

For my mascot tryout skit in 10th grade I used "The Wizard of Oz." I pretended to be a cheerleader and "got knocked out." I woke up in the Land of Oz and I walked along the yellow brick road. I found the Wicked Witch of the West (a rival school) under a cardboard house (I had witch feet). I went along the path some more and found the Wicked Witch of the East which was a giant puddle with a Viking hat in the middle of it because the Vikings are another rival. I went along some more and found Oz (a HUGE cardboard box) that I walked into, turned around so that my school's name was shown on the other side, and came out like I was back at my school! I used a mix of "Wizard of Oz" music and some hits from today! The judges said it was really creative and cute!
      ~ Sara

For my tryouts I was a Secret Agent. Well first off I "spirited" in the gym by making a big entrance by throwing candy and holding up spirit signs. Then one of the cheerleaders started my music. It was from the Pink Panther cartoon. I picked up a rather large magnifying glass (which was made with cardboard and spray paint ... very cheap for those of us on budgets)! I crept along until I "stumbled" upon a stuffed duck and a beach towel. The "splish~splash" song came on and I danced with the duck and rubbed the towel back and forth on my bottom! Then realizing that the duck was not what I was looking for, I threw it and the spy music came back on and I continued with my search. Then I came upon a bag of candy and of course the "I want Candy" song came on. I threw candy to the judges. Again I realized the candy wasn't what I was looking for, so again the spy music came back on....then out of no where I see what it is I want. A large comical can labeled "Bobcat Spirit" sat in the middle of the gym. I really hammed it up and took my time to "eat" the spirit! After I ate the food, the Popeye song came on (the one after he eats the spinach). Then I exited the gym with the same enthusiasm that I had when I came in!
     ~ Betty Bobcat

For my try-outs I did a spy theme where I was driving in a car. I pretended I passed one of the other Junior High schools that we play. I stopped, opened up the trunk, grabbed my spy bag, and busted open the front doors. I cut the alarm system (a shoe box with a wrapping paper roll and red and blue strings inside the shoe box), rolled/crawled around to the "Hall of Fame" area (decorate to match opponent school) and stole the trophy. To make this even more interesting, pretend that the trophy can't come up and exchange it with something very heavy, or looks very heavy, and snag the trophy! Make sure you remember where you parked your car!!!
      ~ Marisa

For my tryouts, I recorded all kinds of music on a tape. First, using a broom and wearing an apron I swept to slow, boring music. When the music changed, I used a huge remote to pretend like I was changing the radio station. Tango music came on second and I danced with the broom. Continue for a while and have the music get better and better each time you change the music. To top it off, use "I Wanna Rock & Roll" by Kiss. Fall to your knees and throw some confetti that matches your school colors (and make sure it's big). Don't forget to have fun with it! And it's also good to flirt or be sweet to the judges.
     ~ Sara

You lounge around in an open area reading the paper when you suddenly get a phone call on your cell phone from a distraught cheerleader saying over a microphone/cell phone "Buffy, we need you. The crowd is getting bored. We need some major school spirit!" (pause) "Good, you'll help! Hurry!!" Your character gets up excitedly and dresses to the sound of Secret Agent Man. (wearing a trench coat and hat to look like a detective). Then slyly walking/dancing to the cheerleaders, they make a huddle. There are lots of whispers and "that's great!" Then they burst out of the huddle and go into a brand new cheer or chant with a stunt (to wow the crowd). There are a lot of variations you can make but just remember it's all in fun, so don't make it too serious. Have Fun!
     ~ Buffy the Bison

For my try-out I mocked a beauty pageant and had the bulldog (our mascot) as the contestant. I rode out to the song "One in a Million" from "Miss Congeniality" on a pulley and was dropped off in the middle of the gym. I "strutted my stuff" while an announcer introduced me. Then I danced for my "talent competition" and even had a bathing suit contest.
     ~ Heather

I had a HUGE stuffed animal and I wrestled with it. It was soooooooo fun! When you try out, be sure to have a cute dance (not too long) and plenty of trips and falls. Practice getting back up with the costume on because it can be difficult!
     ~ Puff, the DeRidder Dragon

At the end of the game (if you win!) that mascot could try to score a goal or hit the ball with a baseball bat, etc. Also, if someone scores, the mascot could take a running jump and piggyback on the scorer's back!
      ~ Rachael

My skit was basically like the weightlifting one except I was trying to dunk a basketball. On the 3rd try I pulled out a stool and the crowd/judges could only see a poster board saying "Viking Spirit". Then I timed it so "I Believe I Can Fly" came on and I ran and jumped off the stool. It took lots of practice and in front of both the student body and the judges I barely missed after making it countless times at my house.
      ~ Vinnie the Viking

For tryouts I had 2 girls dress up like doctors. A long table was in the middle of the gym and someone on the microphone said, "Our Pirate has been attacked by the (Rival Team). The doctors are working on him now." The girls dragged the Pirate mascot into the gym while the theme from ER was playing. They put him on the table and started to throw candy like it was my insides. The narrator then said, "Its not looking good for our Pirate. But WAIT! It looks like one of the doctors found some Pirate Spirit." They gave it to the mascot and said WATCH OUT (rival team) the Pirates are stayin' alive. "Stayin' Alive" came on and the mascot danced around throwing candy.
     ~ Vinnie

I was at a weight lifting competition and had a huge crowd in front of me. On the first try I didn't lift the bar. So I held up a sign that said "NEED MORE SPIRIT", then I continued to do this for about 4 more times then finally I got it all the way up and the crowd was cheering for me!
     ~ Linda

For try-outs and at a rally I did a skit where my goal was to kick a field goal. I ran through a sign, and then played with the crowd. I attempted to kick and missed, then did little exercises and stuff. I hammed it up well, made it cute and then I kicked the football. I made it and cheered. It turned out really cute. At try-outs, by accident, the 2nd time I kicked the ball I slipped and fell. Of course it was funny but that may be something to add to the first kick.
     ~ Magan


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