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The skit we did for one of our pep rallies was called "Candy Store." We had two cheerleaders in the skit as well. One of them would be the person trying to sell the store, and the other would be the person wanting to buy it. The person buying it would say they need things in the store. These things would be like, a door, shelves, an open sign, a slushie machine, a cash register, a fan. Well, the things the person buying it wants would be made by the players. Like, two people would be the door, and they'd hold their arms out in front of them and when people would walk through, they'd make a squeaky noise or something and swing. The open sign would be someone standing outside the door saying, "We are OPEN!" They can do any arm movements they would like. The shelves, well, that's pretty self explanatory. The fan would be a group of 3 or so people spinning around in a circle making noises like a fan. The cash register of course would be someone making a "cha-ching" noise when someone pressed a certain part of their body. The slushie machine would be someone spinning around in a circle, making noise, when someone walked by 'it.' There could also be a soda fountain and many other items that could be made out of people. Then when all the things have been made inside the 'store', the person buying would say, "Now all I need is candy!" and the person selling would say, "What do you need candy for when you got all these suckers (referring to the people playing the store items)!" We gave everyone who played as an item a sucker. It was fun and brought in a lot of laughs. The students loved it, and the students at my school usually hate pep rallies. We were proud cheerleaders!
    ~ Kimberly

Choose students from the audience and have them "bet" on stunt groups for who will throw the highest basket, who will hold the longest extension, etc. Then award boogie boards to the winning student who picked the winning stunt group. We also have the "strongest man" competition. All the flyers line up and guys (and sometimes girls) who volunteer from the audience are shown how to (with assistance) raise a chair sit. Then all pairs lift at the same time and the competition begins. The one who holds it up the longest wins a boogie board. (Make sure your entire team spots the flyers). It is great because we have a co-ed team and afterwards the guy volunteers always say they give the guy cheerleaders credit for the strength it takes. Note: Play the "Eye of the Tiger" music in the background for inspiration to the competitors- the crowd loves it!!
    ~ Lakeshore Catholic

The supplies you'll need are big yellow balloons filled with water (two per two person team plus extras), 6 pitchers, Sprite mixed with orange juice, Alka-Seltzer and a baby pool. Call down two members of each class, one boy and one girl. It's essentially a relay race. Each team must keep their "lemons" (the balloons) intact while bunny hopping. If a "lemon" breaks, both members come back and must start again. If both members make it, they both pop the "lemons" in to the pitcher. After that they run to a table where they each must hold a mouthful of Sprite and orange juice with an Alka Seltzer in their mouth and run all they way down the gym and spit it into a baby pool.
    ~ Tigers

Using a twister mat, put mustard and honey on the yellow dots, ketchup on the red dots, chocolate syrup on the blue dots, and whip cream on the green dots. Have a student from each grade play. The one who stays up the longest wins. This game is called Messy Twister!
>    ~ Brandi

Get 15 or 20 people from each grade and have them line up in different lines for each grade. They lay down head to toe in a straight line. Using giant rubber balls, have them use their feet to pass the ball up and down the line of people. If someone drops the ball, they have to start all over (from the beginning of the line). The first team to pass the ball up and down the line a certain amount of times wins.
    ~ Rachael

Survivor Week lasted a full 5 day week of school. On the first day, we introduced the teams. We had three or four teams, depending on how many sports were going on during that season. Each team consisted of 8-12 people. We gave each member of the team a bandana that was their team color. Each team was assigned different activities each day of the 5-day week that they were to compete together. Day one consisted of making a poster for their team and a team name. The posters were then hidden by the cheerleading sponsor and later on in the week judged by the cheerleaders. They also were told to create a dance or a cheer to present to the school on the last day of "Survivor Week". The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days consisted of small activities that were given to them the morning of and due at the end of the day they were assigned. The teams were given points according to the assignments. For example, one team may have the assignment completely done and handed in on time. They would get 100 points. The points were recorded on posters that were hung up throughout the school so each student could see who was in the lead. On the last day, we had them perform their dance or cheer. We then announced the winner of the poster contest. We also played a few little games to determine the winner of the entire "Survivor Week". When it came time to announce the winning team, we gave everyone a big shock. There was no winner! Everyone won and the points didn't matter! We gave each team a prize at the end. The whole school loved it! They've been begging us to do it again this year!
    ~ Kimberly

For our homecoming pep rally, it was really hot, so we decided to do something that had to do with water. We randomly chose three guys and three girls. Then we told them that the guys had to pick a partner whom he or she trusted. At this time they got a little scared, but only until we brought out the pants and water balloons. The guys had to put on the pants, (which were way too big). The girls had to line up straight across from their partners. The girls had to toss the balloons across to the guys who had to catch them in their pants.
    ~ Lacie

We chose four boys from the basketball team and asked them in advance if they would mind taking their shirts off at the next pep rally. We took four t-shirts, rolled them up, wetted them down and froze them overnight. We took them out the morning of the pep rally and let them thaw out some, so they wouldn't be frozen solid. At the pep rally, we called the chosen guys down and told them they had to take their shirts off and put on the t-shirt we gave them. The first to get their shirt on won. They thought it would be so easy, until they realized the t-shirts were frozen! They had to beat them around on the gym floor and work really hard to get them unrolled! And then, when they finally did get them on, they were freezing! The crowd loved it!
    ~ Summer

For our most recent pep rally, we (the basketball and wrestling cheerleaders) decided to start a spirit stick award between the high school. The game we used was kind of funny. Each class was assigned to a part of the gym floor. When everybody got out there, we told them that they had to spell out a word using everybody in their class. The catch was that they had to spell it out so that it was readable and they had to get it done the fastest to win. We used the word LIONS (our mascot).
    ~ Ashley

This is a really fun game especially if you have a lot of people. You divide up into two or more teams. When your teams are divided up, have them stand in a straight line and hold hands. After that put a hoola-hoop on one end of the lines. Then they have to get the hoola-hoop to the other end of the line with out letting go of each other's hands. The first to get the hoola-hoop to the end of the line wins.
    ~ Mary Maynord

We put eggs all over the gym floor then told the queen and king candidates for courtwarming that they had to walk across the floor blindfolded without stepping on any eggs. The first one to cross would win. After you blindfold them we quietly pick up the eggs. Then we told them to go. It is hilarious to watch them walk all slow and carefully even though there isn't anything to step on. The crowd loves it.
    ~ Brandi

We had tiny freshman girls volunteer and we did a "pillow people skit." Put sweat pants to their knees, a jacket to their knees and a decorated pillowcase with a face on it and put it over their heads with their hands up. They look like dancing midgets when you put on music. If you have trouble getting people to volunteer reassure them that their faces won't be shown. It's a great way to start off a rally!
    ~ Ally

You get about 18 people from the crowd, teachers, fans, students from each class (Seniors, Juniors, etc) and you pair them up. When the music stops, one person lays down on the floor with their arms up, and the other lays down over them with their feet at the other person's head. They have to balance one another. The last pair to do this is out of the game. Next time the music stops, they can jump on one another's back (Piggyback fashion), jump in one another's arms, or anything else you can think of. The last pair to do the given action is kicked out, and you continue this pattern until there is one pair remaining.
    ~ Ashleigh

Choose about 15 people from the stands. Be sure to include teachers, players, cheerleaders and fans. Have 15 chairs in a circle and have each person sit on a chair. Then start asking questions. For example, if you have ever had a speeding ticket, move 1 chair to the right. (Some will not move and the ones that move either get an empty chair or they sit on the person's lap if the chair is already taken.) This is really funny when guys sit on guys or a teacher sits on someone. You may end up with several people on one chair. Usually we have 20 questions that we go through. Some questions we've used are "if your mom still tucks you in at night, move 2 chairs to the left. If you ate breakfast this morning move 1 chair to the right. If you've been kissed today, move 1 chair to the left. We end it by saying "If you want the Cardinals to win tonight, lead the crowd in the cheer Let's go Cardinals". This is a lot of fun and works well if you choose people who are kind of crazy.
    ~ Joann

Get about 11 people from each grade and the faculty! Have ten people lay on the ground and then put a board on top of them. The 11th person (who should be the lightest person possible) stands on the board. The people under the board have to roll and after the board has rolled over a person he goes to the very front, where the board is heading, the first one to get there and back wins!!!
    ~ Tiffany

This one is a little messy, so you might consider putting down plastic if you're in the gym. Have several reps from each class line up at one end of the gym. At the go signal, the first one from each line runs to the middle of the gym (or wherever), and has to eat a package of crackers (the ones that contain one or two crackers). The messy part is that before they can return to tag the next in line, they have to be able to give a whistle. Lots of chewing and inadvertent spitting with this one!
    ~ Mickey

Our school's spirit is terrible, but one game at our pep rally really made them hysterical. We had 3 guys line up in front of three sleeping bags...each with a girl riding on one. The guys had to race around cones in our gym, the girls had to keep their hands in the air and try not to fall off. Girls were literally 'flying' off the bags, everywhere. It's called 'chariot racing' and it gives the crowd a good laugh if the boys are aggressive.
   ~ Lynette

I just became the cheerleader sponsor at my high school and my main goal was to get 100% of the audience to stand up when the cheerleaders did "Two Bits". So, I challenged them. I got class presidents to give the challenge to their class (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors). If we had a 100% audience stand up and holler, then the school principal, asst. principal, popular teachers and coaches had to sing the school song to the football players at the next pep rally. Or, you may have your selected group of administrators and teachers do push ups in the middle of the gym floor. (I have high expectations.)
    ~ Sharon

Pick four people, one from each class. Line them up in a row and make them sing a song, each singing a different song. Have the lyrics on a poster board so they can follow along...it gets the crowd into..believe me!!!
    ~ Ashley

We chose two girls from the audience who were not cheerleaders and 3 guys, 2 non basketball players and 1 basketball player. We took the guys out of the gym and told them they had to say the corniest pick up line that they could think of. For example, "I am a Jedi Knight and you baby are my force" or "If I had invented the alphabet I'd have put U and I together." Then they would get to sit on the couch with the girls. In the gym we set up 2 chairs with a blanket over them, with a space in between that looked like there was another chair there. So the guy came in and did his line, the girls said, "sure you can sit," but just as he sat down, the girls stood up and the guy fell through onto the floor. Every one of the guys fell for it and the whole crowd was cracking up!
    ~ Sophie

For the first football game of the year, our dance is called the Beanie Ball. We have 5 freshman contestants for Beanie Queen, instead of a crown the winner gets a beanie. For the rally, we had the contestants play musical chairs. Each time somebody got out, we blindfolded them and had their sophomore escorts pour beans on them. Refried beans, baked beans, green beans, etc. When it was the winners turn to get something, her escort gave her jelly beans. The crowd loved it because it involved a big mess.
    ~ >Rosa

Have a screaming contest. There is a cheer that goes 8th Grade Warriors what's your battle cry? Then the grade (all the students) respond by saying VICTORY! It really works and gets the students involved.
    ~ Nikki

We put one person from each grade on a blanket and pulled them to the other side of the gym and back again. Whichever grade won, earned 50 spirit points.
    ~ >Krystle

Pick about 10 people from each grade and line them up at one end of the gym and put a balloon between each of them (like between their stomachs and backs). The first person has to put a balloon between their legs. Then the whole team has to move together to get to the other side of the gym without dropping or popping any of the balloons. If they drop them or pop them they have to start over. Whoever gets there first wins! It was so much fun and it help with teamwork too!
    ~ >Hailey

We had a take off of Wild Wild West. On Friday, everyone dressed in western wear. Then during the pep rally, we held a "horse race". The senior class decorated an overhead cart to look just like a horse. It was wonderful. Anyhow, we had one girl on the "horse" and one guy from each grade. Then they raced around the outside of the basketball court. It was really exciting and got everyone fired up!
    ~ Kimi

Do your regular half time routine, but then call the guys out to do the cheers and dances with you. It is comical to see the big lugs try to dance along the side of us!!
    ~ Sissy

We have a huge junior senior rival, so we picked five senior girls to be the Spice Girls, and five junior guys to have a pillow fight in a the boxing ring. The catch was though, their legs were taped together so once they fell they couldn't get up. Whoever had the most people standing won.
    ~ Chaydha Pleasant

At my school, we have a spirit contest between all the teams. There's 4 teams: two 7th grade and two 8th grade. Which ever team collects the most canned goods or non-perishable food items wins candy that we throw to them. It's fun and we help out Hurricane victims in North Carolina.
    ~ Meredith

This is very versatile, it'll work with almost anything. Take a few boys players (any sport will work, or you could even call them out of the crowd) and tell them to go into another room. When they come out individually, tell them that if they can guess the cheerleader's favorite flower, they will get a kiss from that one! Let them go down the line with each cheerleader saying no until the very end when that one would nod their head Yes, then when they come in for the kiss, blow flour in their face! We tried this and it cracked the whole school up!
    ~ Jessica

We do stuff like get 8 teams made and then each member is assigned to do a walk, crawl, hop, or whatever you can think of and have them find a certain number page in a catalogue or jump rope. It gets really crazy. Other times we make teams of students and teachers and have the teachers put diapers on the students, feed them with a bottle and the first team that is burped wins.
    ~ Lorin

One time we had a tug-of-war. So all the classes got out there, girls on one side boys on another. We were just about to start and our cheerleading coach told the boys they had to take their shoes off. It worked great, the girls won. The bad thing was the gym smelled.
    ~ Rhianna

At our school we do a hunt. We will hold big signs up that say what they need to have (real tattoo, guy & girl with shoelaces tied together, 3 people with same name in same grade, miss matched socks and girlfriend carrying boyfriend) whom ever wins gets a small bag of candy. Everyone loves this.

Well, one time it was during basketball season and the eighth grade basketball team played against their parents and some of the teachers! It was really cool, while really funny, too!
    ~ Keli

Have about 4 pairs of teachers (try to pair them up with one tall teacher and one short teacher). Then have 2 reps from each grade come down. They all have to empty a roll of Toilet Paper roll as fast as they can covering head to toe. The first grade that wins gets an activity day to themselves so encourage them to cheer them on! (try a movie day) Its a riot! Play music like "Tootsie Roll" and have cheerleaders throw tootsie rolls while all of this is going on.
    ~ Tiffany

Have 5 people from each grade take their shoes off and place them in the middle of the gym floor. Make them take their shoes strings out, too. Place 5 people from different grades at each side of the gym. The people at the corners have 2 minutes to find their shoes and lace them. The grade with the most people finished, wins!
    ~ Anonymous

We always have class competitions at our pep assemblies. All of the cheerleaders from each class stand in front of their class and do a crowd-repeat cheer with their class members. Each class gets a turn. We have four teachers stand in the middle of the gym and they decide on the winner. Usually the loudest and the most together class wins.
    ~ A Cheerleader

During basketball season we had a three point contest. We sold tickets and drew names out of a bucket at the pep rally. They shot three pointers for a $20 gift certificate!

One idea is that you can have spirit contests with the different home rooms. They have to yell and stomp. It actually gets the students involved, rather than just listening to the principal the whole time.
    ~ Anonymous


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