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We have 2 original pep rallies that we do each year - Black-Out and Senior Pep Rally - during the black-out both our cheer squad and dance team dress in black but we use white gloves and spray painted fluorescent masks - the gym windows are covered in black garbage bags and the whole gym is in total blackness except for the strobe lights and black lights - we often use glow stick necklaces, teeth, and bracelets to add to the eeriness - we usually do this around Halloween......since we have a small school, we also have a senior pep rally - we do a slide show of all our seniors using baby pictures, senior portraits, and candid shots - we honor the whole class with the slides - however, we get the senior football players, cheerleaders, dancers, and band members!! We assign them some song that tells of their personality, likes, or just something that really pertains to them - the school loves laughing at the songs that are picked, the parents enjoy the send-off, and the moms love to cry!!! Our juniors are responsible for this - our senior dancers and cheerleaders are also honored with a farewell performance that they choreograph in secret.
    ~  Renee

For one of our homecoming skits we had one cheerleader covered in a white sheet and led out by another cheerleader. We explained that she was the most ugly, nasty, smelly thing on earth and asked the crowd if anyone dared to look. We had three couples who were all chosen ahead of time and when they looked they screamed and fainted from "terror" of the ugly sight. Then we got one of the football coaches to come out and when he went to look the girl under the sheet screamed. This really caught the coach by surprise and got the crowd howling with laughter. Just try to pick a coach that will be a good sport.
    ~  Andrea

For the past few years my school has been doing what we call "A Lights Out" pep rally. It's a pep rally that's done in the dark. That day at lunch we sell glow necklaces. When the students walk into the gym the lights are on, but when we start, the lights go out and we turn on flashing lights and things like that. All of the cheerleaders wear the glow sticks and necklaces around their arms and legs. Then we perform our routine in the dark. It looks really cool because all that can be seen are the glow sticks. It looks like the glow sticks are moving by themselves. (Note: Doing basket tosses are really cool, but are tricky in the dark. It takes a lot of practice.) This is something everyone should try! It always gets the crowd going. Sometimes a little too much. Hope you try it!
    ~  Juliette

At our pep rallies we like to play a game called "find the Cheerleader." All the cheerleaders hide before the pep rally and the basketball boys have to find us. Nobody has ever found us during the pep rally. The crowd loves it.
    ~  Dakota Prairie Cheer Squad

This year for our pep rally we played a game where we picked 14 football players and blind folded them. Then we told them they were going to be kissed by one of the cheerleaders and they had to guess which one. The cheerleaders all stood behind the blinded football players. Then their MOMS came out and gave them a big wet one in front of the whole school. They had to guess which cheerleader they thought kissed them. They took off the blind folds. It was so funny! It got the whole school pumped!!
    ~  Chelsea

At our pep-rally we had a "kiss the pig" contest. To raise money for a good cause we had a jar in each of the teacher's rooms. We put money in the jars all week long. The teacher who had the most money in his/her jar at the end of the week had to kiss the pig. We had a real pig come in our gym and the teacher had to kiss it. Everyone loved it. It got everyone excited and pumped up for the game.
    ~  Lisa

We had a pep rally where two cheerleaders pick two girls and two guys from each team. Then you blind fold one at a time, spin them around about 8 times and place them on the free throw line. They each get 3 throws. If they hit the back board that is one point. If they make it in, its 3 points. The team with the most points wins!
    ~  Christine

We got the cheerleaders and the drill team together and met outside by one of the City's fire trucks. We all piled up on top of the truck. Then, about fifteen minutes before school got out, the principal pulled the fire alarm. The whole school ran outside, thinking it was just a drill. Then, the truck went up to where the kids were and we all were cheering a FIRE UP cheer. After we got down from the truck, we began our pep rally. Everyone loved it! But no one can know that you're doing the rally outside or else it will spoil the surprise.
    ~  Kayla H

Around Halloween we have our pep rally (Black Out) in a dark, dark room. We use black lights and strobe lights to do a dance! It is very eye-catching when the squad wears white stripes and things while dancing. Usually we make up our on dance to some hard music. The whole student body loves it as well as we do!!!
    ~  Kendra

This year for our biggest pep rally we had this contest called Mr. & Mrs. Gorgeous. Where the students pick 10 teachers (5 male & 5 female) to vote for. They all had a jug with their name on it and in lunch everyone voted for who they wanted to win. At the pep rally they called all the contestants down in the middle and made them stand there while they announced the winners. They were crowned with Burger King crowns painted red (our schools color) and had to dance together in front of the whole school! It was a blast!
    ~  Lauren

50s DAY
One of our themes for our pep rally was 50's day. We had originally planned for 4 couples to swing dance (like on Grease) but the day of the pep rally 3 of the couples backed out so there was only one couple left. (This was planned, but wasn't known to the couple) So the couple had to go out in front of the entire school and swing dance. The couple was a varsity cheerleader (girl of course) and the other was a varsity football star. It was so funny to see them. Everyone still talks about it to this day!
    ~  Bridget

We had all of our senior guys leave the gym. We told them that they had to come in and act like they were doing something (ex. riding a bull, a motorcycle, a muscle man contest, etc.) just as long as they were riding something, but they had to do it sitting down in a chair. They thought the crowd was trying to guess what they were doing, but while they were out of the room, we told the crowd that they were going to come in and show us how they use the bathroom! The crowd loved it! But they have to stay in their chairs the whole time!
    ~  Lindsay

This year we have a pep club at our school and we got together to do a pep-rally. The theme was "Rockin' through the decades." We had our mascot, a popular senior boy, and our senior cheerleader dress up for the 60's. The guy was Elvis and the girl just dressed up and he pretended to sing "Jail House Rock." For the 70's we had all the cheerleaders dress up and the captain dress up as Danny from "Grease" and the co-captain dress up as Sandy and sing "Summer Love." Then for the 80's we had members of the student body dress up as the sailor, the construction worker, etc. in YMCA and do a dance to Y.M.C.A. Then for the 90's we taught the pep-club our line dance from camp and the varsity, JV and pep club did the dance. It turned out really great!!!!
    ~  Laura

One time we had spray paint day! Our colors are green, gold and white. We spray painted all of the people who wanted to be spray painted for $1 per can. They were little cans of wash off spray paint. Then we had silly string, it was all over the court! It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of clean-up, but what can I say, we showed our team spirit!
    ~  Angie

Following our pep rallies we have a bon fire. It's usually around 8:00 and around Halloween time. We have a haunted hayride and refreshments. The high school band plays and the cheerleaders cheer.
    ~  Jen

For one of our pep rallies we cover all the windows and doors with black trash bags and have a black out with strobe lights. This year the theme was Star Wars. We handed out glowing necklaces. It was really cool!
    ~  Jas


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