1) Do crunches- the stronger your tummy is, the higher you can lift your legs. This is especially important for pikes.

2) Try doing this excercise before you do your toe touches. Sit on the ground in a stradle position. Not too wide or else it will hurt. Also, be sure that you sit up straight, don’t slouch. Place your left hand in front of you and your right behind you. Lift your right leg up off the ground and turn your leg so that your knee is pointing backward. Switch hands and do the same on your left leg. Start easy on yourself, doing 2 sets of five on each leg. Slowly work up to doing more. I’ve found that this is the best excercise for improving toe touches.

3) Increase the strength in your legs so that you can jump higher. One way to do this is run up and down stairs. Now that’s a good work out!

4) Place a piece of tape as high up as you can reach on a wall in your house. Jump up 100 times and touch the place on the wall above the tape. Do this 50 times with the right hand and 50 times with the left hand.

5) Practice- they can only get better! Try doing three jumps in a row with no prep in between: jump, land, jump, land, jump, land.

How To Jump

1) Start with your feet together and arms by your side.
Count 5, 6, 7, 8. On 8 clasp your hands.
5, 6, 7
Count 5, 6, 7
Count 8
2) Count 1, 2. On 1 hit a high V, on 2 hold it there.1, 2
Count 1
3) On count 3 swing your arms around in front of you so that they cross at your knees. At the same time bend at the knees.3
Count 3
Count 3
4) On count 4 jump up and hit your jump.4
Count 4
5) On count 5 whip your legs back together, landing with your knees bent and arms by your side. Hold this postion for count 6.5, 6
Count 5, 6
6) On count 7 stand up and on count 8 clasp your hands.7
Count 7
Count 8

Types of Jumps

Spread EagleToe Touch
Spread Eagle
Body is in an X with arms in a High V. Legs go out as far as they can without lifting the knees up to the sky. Knees should face forward.

Toe Touch
Arms are in a T. Legs rotate and the knees point to the sky. Eventually knees should point back, behind the jumper. While it is called a toe touch, do not reach for your toes. Keep a straight back and sit into the jump.

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Left Side HurdlerRight Front Hurdler
Left Side Hurdler
Left leg is in toe touch position. Right leg is bent with knee facing forward. Right Side Hurdler would be the opposite of this.
Right Front Hurdler
Right leg is straight, in front of the face. Left leg is bent with knee pointing down. Let your leg come to you. Don’t go to it. Left Front Hurdler would be the opposite of this.

Click here for a pic!

Left Herkie
Left Herkie
Left leg is in toe touch position. Right leg is bent with knee facing down. Right Herkie would be the opposite of this.

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Don’t forget to
point your toes!