Why gymnasts are best at sexting? How to take the best nude selfies.

Gymnasts are known for their curvaceous bodies, but there is one certain way that they can make their bodies even more appealing.

Gymnasts are the best at taking good nude selfies because they have created a perfect timing to capture the perfect moment, and their flexibility lets them get their bodies into the sexiest positions.

Gymnasts are most likely to send explicit photos and videos of their private moments, and it’s because they are the perfect subjects to take sexy and revealing photos. 

How to take the best nude selfies

While some people would be reluctant to take nude selfies while sexting, gymnasts and swimmers have a different concept about it. For them, nude selfies are an easy way to get their partners’ attention, and they are just excited to show off their bodies.

Here are some tips to take the best nude selfies, according to the gymnasts, and backed up by the experts at Sexting.

1. Capture the best angle for the best effect

A gymnast can always enjoy the feeling of taking nude selfies, but they also know that the best photos are the ones with the best angle. They only take those photos when they think their bodies are the best looking.

However, they don’t always go for the best angle, and you can always tell when a gymnast or a swimmer takes selfies without enough care.

2. Use a tripod or a selfie stick

Gymnasts know that the best pictures are the ones taken with a tripod or a selfie stick.

The tripod or the selfie stick allows them to take the photos with a better and more steady camera angle. The better the camera angle, the better the photo.

3. Don’t try too hard to be sexy

Gymnasts don’t have to try too hard to show their bodies. They just need to take photos with the best angles to capture the sexiest look. 

4. Get yourself in the mood

A gymnast or a swimmer should always be in the mood for taking good nude selfies. They don’t take them when they are upset or tired. They make sure the sexting conversion has gone long enough for them to be horny and fully ready to send nudes. This way, they can make sure that the photos are really good, and the recipient will be turned on by them without a doubt.


Gymnasts have some of the sexiest bodies possible, and have perfected the art of sending nudes to their sexting partners. If you’re looking to have the best sexting sessions and take the best nude selfies, it’s a good idea to learn from the best, so we hope this guide helped!